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7 Reasons to Have a Barn Wedding

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Congratulations, you've decided to get married! We hope the following will be of help in your search for the perfect wedding venue!

1. So Many Possibilities - The wedding theme potentials for a barn wedding are endless! Make it casual, relaxed, rustic or elegant. It's a great opportunity to roll up your sleeves and make your event just exactly what you've always dreamed it could be. The barn wedding is an open palette, so get creative! Decorating options are also unbounded!

2. LOTS of Space - You have more than ample elbow room in most wedding barn venues. You also don't generally have to contend with the hustle and bustle of a venue trying to juggle multiple parties at once. There's plenty of parking and traffic is very likely not a problem.

3. Photo Opportunities Abound - There are incredible wedding photo opportunities to be had in a barn wedding. Photos in and around the barn have an indelible richness to them. There's so much to be seen and experienced from fields, trees and wildflowers to nostalgic old farm equipment.

4. Spectacular Acoustics - The barn is perfect place for a party. When the music starts, you'll definitely notice the acoustics of the old barn. Another nice surprise is that the hayloft makes a stellar dance floor!

5. The Natural Beauty - There's a calm and peaceful feeling that permeates everything on the farm. A barn venue is likely situated near breathtaking bucolic views. The surrounding fields and meadows are teaming with deer, turkey, pheasant and more.

6. The History - Farm life is an integral part of Americana. It's simply in our roots! If you don't live on a farm now, you're just a generation or two removed from it. It's in all of our DNA somewhere.

7. A Great Place for All Ages - It's an awesome place for the kids to run and play. Many barn venues provide entertaining games for young and old alike. There's truly something for everyone on the farm.

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