• Jim Byrne

What Is a Barn Wedding?

A barn wedding is a wedding ceremony held in a barn venue that incorporates nature, has a casual feel and generally simple decor. The barn wedding grounds are an adaptable space where a bride and groom can decide what they want for their wedding ceremony or reception. The theme most often varies along the lines of rustic, rustic chic, rustic elegance, natural or country.

For some couples, a barn wedding reflects a desire to create an experience for their guests. For others, it's an expression of identity and connection to roots. There is a palpable warmth to a barn wedding. The scene is friends and family laughing, clinking glasses (probably mason jars) and breaking bread together without the awkward feel of formality.

The attire and food vary with the theme and personality of each individual event. breathtaking natural landscapes provide bountiful photo opportunities. The barn is often decorated with wild flowers, wagon wheels, mason jar lights, vintage farm equipment, hay bales and the like. You're likely to find an array of walking paths, great scenery, wagon rides, a fire pit and some great music to bring it all together.

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